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We are Beauty.

Glamatron Studios is dedicated to the idea that anyone can be beautiful. We truly believe that by being inclusive, graceful and understanding, that we can bring beauty to all. Race, gender, lifestyle and age do not dictate ones beauty. We are beautiful humans.

Cruelty Free.

A great deal of time and energy goes into sourcing our products and tools. We act responsibly and accordingly. Make-up and skin care are free from testing on animals. Ingredients used are also cruelty free. And any of our natural bristle brushes are responsibly sourced. Animals are friends.

Made in Canada.

Our manufacturing processes, sources and product development teams are located in Canada. Where we live. We are proud of that.


Welcome to Glamatron Studios

As a group of beauty professionals that include make-up artists, creative artists, master stylists, and marketing experts we all share many interests and ideals. Above all we create beauty and engage our clients with their potential, through our unique approach. Discover what Glamatron means to you.


Whether you are looking for make-up application, exclusive cosmetic products, make-up artist supplies or help with your beauty business, we are here for you. We offer exclusive and intimate studios in Lethbridge and Toronto for private appointments, we can come to you anywhere in North America and Europe or we can customize environments to our stringent beauty standards to provide you with the ultimate Glamatron experience.

Our honoured appointments are limited to provide clientele with the luxury of time, choice and unmatched attention to detail. Our brides, regular clients, students and anyone we work with are all given our undivided attention with extensive expertise. We have scrupulous policies regarding which businesses and organizations we are affiliated and work with, to ensure the highest quality experiences for everyone in the Glamatron realm.

Glamatron Education

With clear objectives in the beauty industry, one of our main commitments is education. We have spent years developing our premium programs for existing artists or students just starting out in the industry. Our courses, programs and seminars are designed to make anyone taking them more successful, experienced and ready to encounter new career opportunities. Our education programs are the core of who we are.

We believe in excellence and high quality education for all students. We have strict guidelines and standards which must be met on all levels of organization, classroom structure, government agency association and overall faculty and facility attributes. We exclusively partner with Bella Elite Beauty.

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812 3rd Ave S
Lethbridge AB
T1J 0H7



As always, all visits require an appointment.



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