Glamatron Studios has clear objectives in the beauty industry. One of our main commitments is education. We have devoted years to the development of our premium programs for students. Whether continuing education or students just starting out in the industry, Glamatron has courses, programs and seminars designed to make anyone taking them more successful, experienced and ready to encounter new career opportunities. Our education programs are the core of who we are.

All of our education is based out of our studio in Toronto, in an approved professional environment or an approved and accredited beauty school. We use online media to support our educators, however, Glamatron is dedicated to high quality and will never be found exclusively online, in distance learning environments or delivered by unapproved educators. Click here for a listing.

Below you will find an outline of the current offerings from our education department.


Prices reflected do not include taxes and are for courses delivered in our Toronto Flagship location. If you are attending courses with an affiliate or partner, please refer to their specific website for pricing.

Program $3990
+ Kits    $2550
Total     $6540

The Glamatron Studios Enlighten program is a one month Make-Up Artistry Certificate Program designed to give students a dynamic, enriched and experienced stand point upon completion. It is a program that educates the student in all aspects of make-up artistry and prepares them for a strong future in an ever changing industry.

The material covered is divided into four main courses. Axiom - Launch into the industry. Vanguard - An advanced approach to make-up. SPFX - A uniquely designed special effects course that prepares students to start their career. And Studio - An advanced course for awarded students to work with photography and industry professionals to develop their style and portfolio.

Courses can be taken in conjunction with each other in the same grouping of modules within the Enlighten Program or taken separately. However, each course is a prerequisite for the next. Each module is designed to prepare and practice for the next.

Price    $2800

The beginner module of one week consists of industry introduction, colour theory, tools of the trade, products of the trade, sanitary procedure, client consultation, face chart development and execution, artist demonstrations, face shape and anatomy, skin structure and anatomy, skin care, skin applications (foundation, concealer, contour,) eye theory and anatomy, eye products, liquid liner, lash applications, cheek and lip theory and application, special event make-ups, speed make-up, adornment applications, the history of make-up, historical references and era make-up applications. This module contains 3 quizzes, full methodical certification on all techniques and a final exam. This module is packed full with hands on practice and applications. Each student is required to participate in a minimum of six full applications of make-up with many more opportunities to work on focus areas of beauty applications.

Students certified in axiom will be prepared and ready for work in retail level beauty, basic special event make-up and salon beauty make-up environments.

Price  $1375

In the second week of the course we find more advanced make-up techniques. Vanguard is broken into four modules.

Bridal: One Day – A full day with fast paced information and applications. The day is spent focusing on the special needs of brides and their bridal parties. Quick fixes, setups, codes of conduct and touch-ups are included. Focus and attention are paid to the unique environments, kit requirements and communication skills needed to be successful with bridal applications. This day includes time for full make-up applications, theory and consultation.

Airbrush: One Day – Another fast paced and packed full of information day. Students are introduced to their compressor and airbrush along with all related equipment and make-up. They learn the different techniques used and the required attention to equipment and materials needed to achieve amazing results. This day covers advanced colour theory, equipment maintenance, full applications and consultations.

Fantasy: One day – Students are given the opportunity, time and materials to express their creativity. Idea developments, creation of expectations, face and body charting, full execution of make-up applications and adornments are all part of this exciting day.

Backstage: Two Days – The most advanced technical days so far. Students learn how to create make-up applications designed for video, film, television and photography. They learn new communication skills and ways to work within the industry. This module contains hi-definition techniques, set etiquette, lighting theory, portfolio discussion, special appearance make-up, red carpet make-up, film union theory and discussion, runway make-up, fashion collections breakdown, men’s make-up and industry events.

This module contains 3 full make-ups, video presentations, lectures and possible special guest artist presentations.


To further the student experience there are two days scheduled to allow select students an outlet to show and record their work in a specific way. All students are given opportunities to have their work photographed throughout the course; however the studio modules are designed to give  students the option to designate an entire day to photo shoots with models and make-up applications of their choice. There is one studio day designated for beauty make-up and one for special effects. Students will spend the day with the educator, photographer and any related industry professionals working to achieve an end result to place into their portfolios. In addition, some students will be awarded a post-production package for their work in the photo shoot environment.